Jun 3, 2020

You Need To Know About Software Outsourcing Company

Outsource software development is becoming more popular nowadays. Does your company have business ideas, but yet no clue on how to outsource? Let’s follow these step by step to get successful outsourcing.

Software outsourcing is essentially to hire a software development company to do technology-related work. With that being stated, outsourcing will help businesses minimize costs, improve customer service and efficiently maintain product quality. It also focuses on your core competencies given a limited budget.

Software Outsourcing Company

How to Choose the best IT outsourcing company?

Today, outsourcing is much more than just a cost-centric decision. It is a strategic choice that requires careful analysis and evaluation of a wide-range of considerations behind costs in determining the most suitable outsourcing model and partner.

The ultimate purpose of any software outsourcing company is to select the partner who will help you generate the maximum strategic advantage combining the best skills, cost structure, infrastructure, etc. 

Project experience

You need to know what kind of projects that outsourcing software development company has done. Scroll through the rating of the most effective partners they meet your quality standards. They have done projects that share similarities with yours?


Second option for an ideal outsourcing company is maintaining a good level of communication. Although with the help of Slack, Skype, no software can truly overcome a language barrier. It’s more suitable to request conference calls with all the involving developers that to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Flexibility support

It's very important concerning how flexible your outsource company is. If any urgent support requirement, even in different time zones, you need to be very serious in this aspect. Similarly, support should include any future bug fixation.


Don’t look for the cheap. Avoid software outsourcing companies applying hidden costs. Keep the dimensions  of the project and budget consider  mind.

Decide the Right Model for Your Business Requirements

Outsourcing is a highly developed strategy today. It comes in different models that offer various benefits, some of the key between them being – access to high-level developing skill without hiring hassles. faster time to market, lower costs and longer to specialise in core capabilities.

Business Requirements Model

Fixed cost 

With this model, you must have a clear and detailed project plan in advance since the budget for the project will be fixed. A fixed price model will work good with small projects and protect the customer from any budget fluctuation. You also don’t require much guidance for this project as the plan is communicated transparently right from the start.

However, there are also disadvantages. If you miscalculate the budget, the project may begin poor because the vendor can critically cut down costs to fulfill the established.

Flexible contract base 

With this type of model, you do not require to have a particular plan in advance and you will adjust along the way until clients are satisfied with the ultimate results. It still needs a document of carefully detailed specification and functionality along with the budget, timeline and which to deliver in each milestone.

Dedicated team model

This model is the most flexible and scalable among the three. You will have full control over the operation process and the development team. Not only follow the product to its complete but also assure the maintenance and regular update of the project.

Outsourcing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Outsourcing Company

Don’t require management

Big mistake. Set up frequent chats with the outsource team over Skype or slack. Make sure that everything is running easily and on schedule.

When outsourcing, a time tracking solution is always a good idea to keep an eye on the costs and how developers are spending the time. Don’t wait to provide feedback on what you like and don’t like. 

Looking for cheap

Many small businesses will take a look at finding outsource software development. But cheap is never a good deal. You get what you pay for. Always working with the partner which will provide the quality for outsourcing. Don’t just search for the lowest price. 

Misunderstanding the cost

Outsourcing is not always the cheapest way to expand the business. Sometimes, it  costs more to hire developers from abroad rather than employing full-time workers. Make sure the development team is on track and working efficiently.


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