Jun 2, 2020

Why PWA App is the Future of Web Development?

Progressive Web App is one of the most important terms within the web world and has achieved exceptional momentum among learners of the web-driven world. It is now no more surprising because Progressive Web Apps has created a far-fetched dream of installing web apps on mobile for real. Have you ever wished your web apps to behave more like a real app? PWAs desired to make that happen.

What is Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are the experiences that combine the best of both web and apps. PWAs are nothing but websites that look and feel the same as native mobile apps, with the mixed features of modern web browsers and the benefits of a mobile experience. PWA does not need any type of installation, hence useful to each user from their very first visit to the browser tab. 

As the user progressively makes a connection with the app over time, it will become more powerful. It will start loading instantly, even on the flaky network, send the push notification, and provide the full-screen experience. And also PWAs have offline support, background synchronization support, and other top-notched features. Plus, they will access your location, webcam, and other details that any native app seeks. And it will be performed with your permission.

Progressive Web App

Why Progressive Web Apps?

Because PWAs are quite popular in the app development community. A few years back, developers were needed to develop separate apps for desktop as well as for mobile devices. But with the passage of your time and improvement in technology, things have been changed and responsive web design came into existence. 

PWA the Future of Web Development

Attending everything, it seems the PWA future is the web development industry. In the future, e-commerce sites, restaurants, and media sources will shift from native app to Progressive Web App. 

PWA has overcome issues like searchability and visibility that are a higher concern in native application development. With time, the clients are going to receive accustomed to searching and boosting growth. This is going to improve the online user experience with the engagement of the app store and online search. While, if you're still perplexed about What are Progressive Web Applications and Why build a PWA, we will guide you.

Benefits of Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are extremely responsive and fit automatically to any display size, on any device or browser. Serve them across mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop without any influence on the experience.


PWAs are secure compared to traditional web apps because they are always served via HTTPS. This assures that the app can be tamper-proof and cannot be vandalized.


PWAs redefine the user experience on mobile devices by loading instantly no matter what the network or speed.


PWAs bypass the need to use an app store or play store to market your app. All you would like is your progressive web app to be online. It is available for all devices automatically. Users don’t require to go to the app store and search or install and wait for the download or installation. According to research each of these steps loses 20% of potential users.


While PWAs support all the features of a native app, they are so light that you can consider them in KBs.  For example, the size of the Pinterest app on the play store is 16 MB and 81.7 MB on the App Store. Yet, the PWA version of Pinterest is just 205 KBs.

PWA user experience: 

One of the best benefits of PWAs is the native app-like look and appearance. PWAs are certainly feature-rich and deliver a user experience match to their native counterparts.


The loading time of progressive web apps is faster than native apps. Further, they are smaller than mobile apps due to caching and need little space when compared with popular web apps. No one can deny the seamless experience of browsing with PWA, which improves the conversion rates.


It functions like a native app on the device. Engage users with push notifications, alerts, and no need to use an app store to share your app. All users require is an icon of the home screen and they are set.

Push Notifications:

Similar to native mobile applications, PWAs also have access to a device-specific feature like push notifications. With the help of push notifications, companies can advertise their product easily and efficiently. This feature has a great impression on users allowing companies to stay informed of upcoming advancement and addition. 

No version updates: 

That’s right. There is no requirement to update the PWA because it is not a mobile app. Imagine the amount of effort, time, and money spent on mobile apps periodically just to keep them fresh and up to date.

Features of Progressive Web App (PWA)



In PWAs, the web manifest comes up with a JSON file that gives you, and therefore the developer, a centralized place to put all the details about the app. The JSON file includes PWA name, its icon, information, description among other things.

Service Workers

Service Workers brings the most effective of both web and mobile to progressive web apps in the future. It is lie between the device and therefore the network and supplies content by managing HTTP requests pro-grammatically. 

They manage intelligent and reliable caching alongside managing background sync and push notifications while allowing offline browsing of earlier visited sites. 

Application Shell Architecture

App Shell is an architectural approach that's used for fast loading. Technically, it's a caching mechanism during which the UI is stored as a static frame, the frame on which the content is often progressively loaded. The whole process makes the users connect with the application despite differing degrees of web connectivity. 

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