May 20, 2020

Vue 3 Beta 1 Version: Know The Key Features & Benefits

This progressive JavaScript of the tech world has produced new features with excellent performance and enhancements. Maybe you think that Vue is not that popular as compared to React and Angular. But there is a different story that will blow your mind with the fantastic latest update.

With the beta release, it’s quite clear that we are growing more imminent to Vue 3. It also introduces unique changes compared to Vue 3 alpha and pre-alpha versions.

Vue 3 Beta 1 Key Features:

  • Tree-shaking support
  • Composition API
  • Better TypeScript support
  • Custom Renderer API
  • Fragment, Teleport, Suspense

Vue 3 Beta 1 Benefits 

  • Rewritten virtual dom implementation
  • Efficient component initialization
  • 1.3~2x better update performance*
  •  2~3x faster SSR*
  • Compiler-informed fast paths
Vue js Update

Vue.js Overview 

Vue is a progressive open-source working model, utilized for building interfaces and single-page applications. Unlike other consistent frameworks, it comes up with the excellent features which are incrementally adoptable.

If we talk about its core libraries, then it’s focused on the view layer only and easy to pick up and can integrate with other libraries or existing web projects. Additionally, it’s perfectly able to power the modern Single-Page applications when utilized in combination with supporting libraries and modern tooling.

Benefits of Vue.js

Vue js Benefits

JavaScript framework depends on its size where the smaller size will bring more functionality. And it’s one of the most excellent benefits of Vue.js. Its size is generally from 18-21KB and takes no time to download.

Easy To Understand

Another reason behind its popularity is it’s quite easy to understand. Its simple structure allows the user to add Vue.js to the project. It has a well-defined structure that keeps your data, life-cycle methods, and custom methods separate.

It also has some more great features like watchers, computed properties, and directives. Users can develop both the small as well as large scale web applications using this framework which saves a lot of time.

Simple Integration

Another reason behind Vue.js popularity among web developers is the facilitation of existing application integration as it’s based on the Javascript framework which can integrate with other applications built on JavaScript. You can feel free to include Vue.js CDN and begin utilizing it. Though many third-party Vue components and libraries are available and supported with Vue.js CDN.

Don’t need to set up node and npm to start using Vue.js. It is useful for developing new web applications as well as altering the existing applications. 


The high flexibility is another perk of Vue.js. It allows the user to compose his template in HTML file, JavaScript file, and unadulterated JavaScript document using virtual nodes. This flexibility additionally makes it simple for the React.js developer, Angular.js, and other new javascript frameworks.

Two-Way Communication

Vue.js facilitates two-way communications due to its MVVM structure which makes it quite easy to handle HTML tables. It seems very on the brink of Angular.js which also accelerates speeds up HTML tables. This feature is also termed as 2-Way Data Binding, that means whatever changes you make in your UI are passed to your data, and changes are done in your data and are reflected in your UI. 

Vue.js is additionally called Reactive because it reacts to whenever your data is modified. This is very different in comparison to Libraries like React.js which only supports one-way communication.