May 19, 2020

Top UI/UX Designing Trends for Mobile Apps

The importance of mobile applications for businesses of all sizes can be seen from the fact that about 80% of mobile phone users spend most of their time on applications rather than their web browser. As per a recent estimate, about 350 billion mobile apps are downloaded within the year 2019. It shows the need for getting a killer UIUX design trends for mobile application design for your business.

Nowadays, people use mobile apps for everything right from utility bill payment, shopping, food orders, ticket booking, etc. Here we will describe some UI design trends for mobile apps. And I hope these UI & UX design trends help you in developing more engaging mobile apps.

UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends

Voice Interaction

Voice interactions are once held for the science fiction world. Now smartphones have changed everything, making interaction with the voice not only credible but also the mainstream. Allowing people to interact with the app with voice commands opens up a world of interactivity with the product. 

UI UX Design - Voice Interaction

Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant Siri, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby, Google’s AI-powered virtual voice assistant Google Assistant dictates their terms to UIUX design trends for 2020. Voice-enabled apps are continually blending into our lives as they are more comfortable, deliver quick and accurate query results, ensure personalized user experience.

Password Less

Most of us forget passwords daily, making it difficult to access data. However, we are lucky to have newer password-less methods of logging in and protecting our data at the same time. With bio-metrics and One Time Passwords (OTP), users no longer have to worry about remembering all their passwords. Mobile app designers can keep this UI/UX design trend in mind once they are designing the login page of their app.

Improved Personalization

In 2020, mobile app personalization will likely earn more drive. A personalized UI/UX Design trend is becoming vital in mobile development. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are seamlessly covering the path. Use streaming services like YouTube where AI evaluates user choices for providing song suggestions.

Dark Themes

Many UI/UX designers are preferring dark mode for their apps. But with both Android and iOS introducing two kinds of dark mode, System Dark Mode and Force Dark Mode of their email apps, dark UI/UX design is set to skyrocket in 2020. Blowing a reduction in eye strain and screen glare, dark mode is fast becoming a choice for health-conscious smartphone and device users.

Dark Theme
Unique Microinteractions

Microinteractions are a necessary component of any good digital product design. However, many UI designers still ignore it. Microinteractions render additional feedback and insight to users. This may include things like color changes, interactive animations, and haptic feedback in mobile applications. Besides, Microinteractions can also promote the design from functional to exceptional.

Chatbots UI and UX Design

Chatbot interaction design should not only convey information to end-users. To process each specific query, chatbots should be easy to use. Handle all kinds of natural language changes – different emotions, language explanation, text structures, phrases, slangs.

To enhance the user experience, you should consider a particular set of options such as avatars, a voice that matches your brand personality, welcome/failure message design, animation, response buttons, and typing indicators.

Device Agnostic

With the growth in smart devices like smart speakers and wearables. It becomes important to think beyond web and mobile-responsive apps. Users have different devices and they want to switch between them seamlessly. With dynamic and adaptable mobile app UI designs, it will become easier for users to perform their tasks on any of their smart devices.

Foldable Phone Support

The most expected big thing in the smartphone market is the fordable phone. Users can’t wait to get their hands on one and see how it works. But many mobile app designers are a little worried and excited about it. Keeping fordable phones in mind, UI designers got to plan. Apps should be created to figure with dynamic resizing and multi-window so that users will get a seamless flow and ease.