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Jul 22, 2020

Swift is the Future for iOS App Developers

Many mobile app development companies or startups take into account Swift for developing apps for iOS-enabled devices, including MacBook, iPhone, iPad, tvOS, iWatch, and more.

Tim Cook announced launch Swift in 2014, and he mentioned that it is going to be “The next big programming language”

Due to its uniqueness, this iPhone app development platform has considerably created a lot of buzz in the past. Built with the open-source LLVM compiler framework, this language has been working with Xcode since version 6, released in 2014. Thus, on Apple platforms, it uses the Objective-C runtime library which allows C, C++, Objective-C, and Swift code to run within one program.

Today, Swift programming language is not only a success story, but it’s also going to be the future for iOS app developers.

History of Swift

A Swift development team started working on Swift in 2010 before Apple publicly launched it in 2014 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

Several indie developers and start-ups quickly joined the bandwagon to experiment with Swift’s features, like reduced crashes and brief syntax.

Swift was built to be a clear, and short language. It was easy to understand. However, to many people, it seems as a natural evolution of Objective-C.

  • Swift’s first version was 1.0 which experienced a major upgrade to Swift 2 at WWDC 2015.
  • Swift’s updated version 2.2 was made available as an open-source software under the Apache License 2.0 on December 2015 for Apple’s platforms and Linux.
  • Swift 3.0, the third version, also went through a major evolution where its syntax was changed. Swift overcame the fame of Objective C in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Later, Swift again went through numerous changes in the Swift 4.0 version where you can update the code written with previous versions of Swift using the migration functionality built into Xcode.
  • it is now running on two new latest versions, Swift 5.1 and Swift 5.2. These two new versions play a significant role in making the language more powerful and easy. 

Swift FEATURES: Why Developers Prefer Swift?

Swift for iOS App Developer
Open Source

Swift is an open-source programming language built by the Which is known for its commitment to the open-source Swift community. Being an open-source language, Swift gives safer and faster app development as well.

Interactive Playgrounds

Swift’s Playgrounds are a benefit to professional developers. It allows programmers to test out new graphics or algorithm routine, without having to build an entire iPhone app.

Apple has also added inline code execution to playgrounds that will help the programmers to write an algorithm or create a large number of codes while getting feedback along the way. And this feedback loop can ultimately boost the speed at which the code can be written.

Advancement in Syntax

With Swift’s new syntax features, you can now write more expressive code. The SDKs have used new Objective-C features such as null-ability and generics explanations to make code safer and cleaner.

Fast and Powerful

Swift has been the most condensing technology. With LLVM compiler, swift is built be more fast and secure. You can optimize Swift code into native code to leverage modern hardware.


Swift is remove Risky codes completely. Swift generates a compiler error like a critical code, Code is written as Swift objects cannot be zero in any situation. Therefore, a lot of time and money is conserved with Swift by reducing time spent on correcting errors.

Objective-C Interoperability

Swift is fully compatible with Objective-C thus enabling the developers to make projects which include those files which are written in either of the two languages. App development with mixed-language code base is therefore also possible with Swift due to this tremendous feature.

Package Manager

Swift Package Manager is a comprehensive single cross-platform tool to build, operate, test, and package Swift libraries and executables. This is the best way to distribute libraries and source code to the Swift community.

Swift: Future for iOS App Developers

Swift unquestionably has bright chances to be the future for iOS app developers because of the following reasons:

iOS App Developers

Easier to Read

Swift code follows natural English language to a large extent. That why beginners and professionals are executing their tasks easier.

Easier to Maintain

Swift has the ability to combine two different files (.m) and (.h) into a single file which is (.swift) thus addressing it easy for the developers to update and improve the efficiency of codes thus bringing down the maintenance hardships.

Requires less code

Swift language makes it simple to add two strings concurrently with the “+” operator thus joining characters and strings in the most basic way as required by any modern-day programming language.

Swift is certainly the future of iOS app developers ready to comply with secure applications in considerably lesser time. It has seen tremendous success till date and is definitely going to move up on the charts in future. Choose the best mobile app development company for your top-notch swift development of mobile solutions.