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Jul 7, 2020

Reasons to choose ReactJS for Your Next Web Development Project

Everyone wants their websites to develop on the best platform. Web developers necessitate a robust template that works as a schematic for coding. This framework is an architecture of tools, components, and application development utilities.

A majority of web developers favor developing web applications on JavaScript frameworks. Many Javascript frameworks utilized in web application development like ReactJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS.

ReactJS web applications are becoming more popular. The benefits of this framework have influenced developers to maneuver their apps to ReactJS with the help of ReactJS migration. 

What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library built and maintained by Facebook. According to Jordan Walke, the creator of React JS. React is an efficient, declarative, and versatile open-source JavaScript library. It helps for developing simple, fast, and scalable front-ends of web applications.

Key Benefits of Reactjs for Front-End Development

ReactJS Development


Allowing developers to utilize individual components of an application on both client-side and the server-side, ReactJS speed-up the development process.

To put it simply, different people or teams can write every single component of the application, there is also no need to rewrite the whole logic again, which eventually saves developers’ time.


With ReactJS, the complex UI is broken down into smaller, and reusable components. You can reuse to create another application having the same functionality.

The reusability of components not only eases your development efforts but also saves your time. In other words, you can develop Android, iOS, and web applications at the same time.


Compared to other frameworks, ReactJS code is easy to update and maintain due to its modular structure. This flexibility saves a large amount of developers time and cost.


ReactJS built with high performance in mind. The library’s core features, such as server-side rendering and virtual DOM, certainly increase the speed of complex apps. Additionally, it eliminates the usage of code-heavy frameworks, libraries such as jQuery which makes large-scale apps run extremely fast.

Ease of Migration

ReactJS library support a wide range of code bases and is mixed into any existing infrastructure without shutting down the system.

Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Your Project

ReactJS Web Development
Easy to learn

ReactJS is less complicated compared to other popular JavaScript frameworks like, Angular & Vue. It is much easier to learn than that of other front-end frameworks. 

The syntaxes are similar, and it also lets you use JSX extensions with ease. You are required to have a basic idea about HTML and CSS, unlike other frameworks.

Code Reusability

ReactJS development services mostly used for the Android apps development. With reuse of codes, ReactJS helps developers in controlling the data flow. The flow of data can check as ReactJS provides one-way data binding, a characteristic of its Flux architecture.

Focused on User Interface

Being a library, ReactJS focuses on one particular thing: helping developers build high-quality and rich user interfaces. which is an imperative thing for any application to survive and thrive.

With the assistance of Javascript interactions between the library and the device’s native environment. it provides users with a highly responsive interface.

Writing Custom Components

React JS makes it possible for developers to write custom components and high-volume apps. It allows you to combine HTML with JavaScript, and prevents code injections. Additionally, it shows you informative warning and error messages to make your source code easier, clean, and stable.

Offers Fast Rendering

ReactJS uses Virtual DOM. the virtual representation of DOM, to compare different versions of app to calculate the risks related to each modification. Only the changes you have made to your applications applied to the virtual DOM first then sent to the browser. This approach ensures high app performance.

Strong Community Support

ReactJS has strong community support. With over 136k stars on Github and 1,335 regular contributors. ReactJS is continuously getting better. If you ever getting stuck while working with ReactJS, than you can post your issues on Stack overflow and get experts to help for reliable solutions.