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Jul 17, 2020

Top 9 iOS App Development Trends 2020

Technology has always brought something new with time, and with these ever-changing technologies, you would like to stay updated to get all the advantages. One of the first things that probably comes to our minds is mobile applications. 

There is lots of competition that you need to be aware of the latest trends to stay competitive. iOS takes a big part in the mobile app market. Here, we will discuss iOS app development trends for 2020.

iOS App Development Trends 2020

Enhanced App Security

The security protocols remain the primary trend of the mobile app. We all know about the security algorithms of Apple. It is known for its hardcore security layers and uncompromising policies that don’t let anyone breach into the Apple devices. But with the unprecedented jump in the number of hacking attacks, a single mistake can wreak havoc.

Apple has initiated an enterprise-wide culture that caters to the users' need to create a safe environment. It inches forward in improving the overall security and prevents cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Swift 5 Programming

The Swift 5 programming language has become quite trendy. Apple has released it with a stable Application Binary Interface and binary compatibility.

In addition to ABI, Swift 5 has raw strings, future enum cases, a result type, checking for integer multiples, and a lot more. Now iOS app development companies specialize in using Swift to the best of its abilities for optimal business impact.

Swift 5 is source compatible with Swift 4, Swift 4.1, and Swift 4.2, as well as with X code 10.2. It has a code migration that is designed to handle some of the necessary source changes automatically.

Augmented Reality

In the last couple of years, we have experienced an obsession with AR games. There are already a lot of apps that use this technology to provide a better consumer experience. In 2020, AR applications become mainstream thanks to their abilities in healthcare and other industries.

Apple offers various tools to make Augmented Reality experiences:

  • ARKit 3: This technology moved forward and showed content in front of or behind users, following up to three faces at a time.
  • Reality Composer: It allows developing animations and interactions on iOS to improve the apps' content.
  • RealityKit framework: Using data provided by ARKit, this framework lets integrate virtual items into the real world.
Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is an exceptional offering for the users because of the range of benefits it provides. The HomeKit helps users to communicate, control the connected devices and the accessories in the home with the help of an app.

Apple HomeKit creates an action to help users control connected devices, as the users have an option to create a group to trigger a Siri voice command. To compliment it, the companies are working to build smart home products that could integrate into devices.

Cloud Integration

Cloud technology brings a lot of opportunities to iOS application development. It assists with organizing and storing a large amount of information.

Cloud-based iOS apps run on the cloud and increase the effectiveness and productivity of applications. This tool helps mobile apps store a large amount of data and manage complex tasks. As for iOS developers, they can use cloud platforms for development, making it quicker and simpler.

WatchOS 5

Mobile apps have gone beyond the screens of Smartphones. The Apple watch app development is gaining a lot of popularity among the users and the mobile app owners should be prepared for this.

If you wish to improve your business revenues from this new trend then you need to design your mobile app for Watch with WatchOS 5. The latest WatchOS 5 gives Apple Application developers access to Siri watch face, audio controls, etc.

Apple Pay

Online banking and e-commerce are rapid growth and have already contributed to the excellent creation of online payment options for all consumers. People are no longer willing to pay for their purchases in cash or to type in our wallets.

Through combining payment gateways with Apple pay Mobile Wallet program, iOS developers have made payment processing easier and faster. Apple Pay safe and also removes the need for user-saved data. According to the study, 200% of the total payment made via the Apple payment gateway expected to rise. 

AI and Siri

AI and Siri are on the list of iOS app trends. Ever since Siri integrated into Apple devices, the technology giant gained much recognition worldwide. The personal assistant was impressive due to the features, and therefore, the functionality offered to the users. With Siri, the quotient of AI added a major boost to the personal assistant’s working.

The AI-based assistant gets better and advanced with every new iOS version. And to aid the developers, Apple has introduced Sirikit, which helps in integrating the Siri advancements.


Beacon stands for wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. Having established the connection, a push notification with a set message appears on the user’s iPhone. This iOS app development trend can change the retail industry and boost sales.