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Jun 16, 2020

How to Develop Video Streaming Apps Like Netflix

The increasing addiction to mobile increases the usage of mobile applications for many industries like shopping, food ordering, entertainment, traveling, etc.

Nowadays people use video streaming apps for entertainment and watching videos. Video streaming apps are breaking the traditional path of approaching viewers by allowing them to watch everything anytime, anywhere in their mobile. Currently, Netflix is the most popular video streaming app.

What is a Video Streaming App?

Streaming is the method of transmitting data using the internet in a consistent flow which enables playback to start while the rest of the data is still being received. This invention has given a new way for people to watch whatever they like without the requirement of downloading it.

When it comes to popular apps for video streaming, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu, HBO Now are the popular names. While their popularity due to popular video stream app features is beyond any question.

Video Streaming Apps

Benefits of Video Streaming Apps

The world of entertainment has taken a jump from TV to video streaming apps.

Easy Multitasking

With video streaming apps users can complete required work while they watch their favorite show in background mode.


This subscription feature works quite amazing as it keeps users updated regarding new shows & episodes of a series that they are following. This feature updates users by popping a notification each time a new video is up on the channel, hence keep them informed.

Live video sharing

Video Streaming Apps

In traditional cable TV, governments have the right to stop the on-going show and broadcast his/her message in case of an emergency. Now, using video streaming apps, they can do a live broadcast whenever they wish.

Storage facility

As smart TVs have this feature to store live cricket matches or TV shows for “Watch Later”, the same way these apps have local storage features so it enables users to download & save videos to watch later. Also, these apps are way more affordable and effective than smart TVs.

Fantastic user experience

Video streaming apps provide a seamless user experience to its users because of its user interface. The UI is so simple and attractive that anyone can use it.

How to Develop a Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

Every video streaming app is more or less similar, they have some features different than another. The reason for this change is that they are at a different level of their success and customer acceptance. You can include more features and charge more for it once your brand is built.    

Develop Video Streaming App


The design of your app is very significant. But, most of you have noticed that video streaming mobile apps generally have a distinct outlook and vary quite a lot in design as compared to other apps. So, when it comes to such apps, it is always wise to hire an expert app designer so as to make sure that your app does not look primitive and outdated.


While creating the MVP, it is recommended that you choose either of the two platforms, Android and iOS. It will help you to decrease the initial cost of app development. If you wish to cover more user base and you have the budget for the same, then you can go for building an app for both platforms.

Payment Gateway

Similar to other video streaming apps, you must be planning to offer full or partial content for a price. For that, you’ll require to integrate payment gateway into your app. 

User Profile

If you’re developing a streaming app like Netflix, this is a must-have feature. This section allows users to add “much-liked” videos and share them with other users.

Block Screenshots

The app should have a functionality that prevents a user from taking screenshots or recording video screens. Your content is valuable, and you must protect it from piracy.

Multi-Language Support

If you’re looking forward to building an app like Netflix, you must think of allowing your content in multiple languages. It will make a fantastic impact on non-native users.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a must-have feature in your video streaming app as it allows users to get notified whenever you release a new video.

What Cost Does It Take To Build A Streaming App Like Netflix?

So, you have your mindset on building your video streaming app like NetFlix, but not sure how much it takes to develop? Developing a video streaming app like Netflix is a huge responsibility and its success depends on various factors. 

Determining the actual cost of mobile app development is quite a difficult task as every business has different requirements. The best way to get the exact quote of your mobile application is to hire a professional app developer. As they are skilled and expertise in developing video apps, though they can better suggest an amount of video streaming app development.