May 27, 2020

Why is Flutter So Popular for Cross Platform App Development?

In recent years, the demand for cross-platform mobile app development has been increasing. As an app development platform, it's been providing the requirements of forward-thinking businesses. The most popular platforms to develop mobile apps are Android and iOS. It is necessary to write different codes for both when you develop applications on those platforms.

However, with cross-platform app development, you will save your efforts and time. To encourage cross-platform application development, different tools have been developed. You should be comfortable with tools like Xamarin, PhoneGap Adobe, and React Native. Developers have differing opinions on whether they should use Flutter for cross-platform app development. Here, you will come to know about flutter and its features.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source technology of Google. It helps to develop Android and iOS mobile apps with a single codebase. It is not just a framework, it is a complete SDK for developing cross-platform mobile applications. Flutter includes rendering engine, widgets, APIs, and also command-line tools. Flutter uses the Dart programming language. It uses ahead of time compilation. The upcoming operating system is Fuchsia. It would also be built on Flutter. In short, it has everything required for developing cross-platform mobile apps.

Flutter Development

Why Choose Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development?

Faster Coding with Hot Reload

Hot Reload in flutter creation allows developers to see the real-time changes in their software performance. This eliminates the requirement for reloading for developers. This secures flexibility in the development process and the ability to make improvements on the spot for developers.

Dart as a Programming Language

Google has developed a programming language called Dart which is utilized for writing mobile apps code for Flutter. Supporting both the concepts of just-in-time and ahead-of-time, Dart is an object-oriented language that provides the efficiency and effectiveness of app development progress. Dart code allows Flutter apps to be shared across the web as well as mobile platforms.

Customizable Set of Widgets

Flutter has been made with rich and customizable sets of widgets for Android, and iOS. Developers can also add new widgets and even customize the existing ones. 

This feature of customization of widgets would allow you to get an app that matches your brand or create a different look or feel. Flutter gives you complete liberty to access its extensive widget catalog, build widget sets, and allows you to create a feel of native widgets and delight your users.

Native Themes for iOS and Android

For both android and iOS operating systems, Flutter adds different native themes. It helps the client to be shown the UI based on their OS for quicker run-time decisions. Flutter has different theme elements to ensure both android and iOS platforms provide the user with native user experience.

Broad Community & Innumerable Packages

Flutter has been packed with the great support of innumerable packages. It has a plethora of packages and plugins already available to the developers for nearly everything. From opening images to creating HTTP requests, sharing content, implementing Firebase, accessing sensors, and much more.

Powerful Design Experience

Flutter makes it easy to create powerful UI experiences out of the box thanks to its clean implementation of the design terms. This is a large benefit, and especially considering how difficult it is to mimic experience at the native level through the creation of cross-platform.

Backing for a Variety of IDEs

Flutter supports various IDEs like Android Studio, VS Code, etc. This makes it easy for the large number of developers who are confident with any of the IDEs to work with and usable.

Flutter has amazing benefits to cross-platform mobile app development. If a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms are on your business road map, then selecting flutter for UI development can be the best decision.