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Jul 28, 2020

E-Wallet Mobile App Development: Key Features and Payment Methods

In recent years, We have seen digitalization take over the world. Digital payment systems increased with mobile devices and apps. People moved out of traditional norms such as paying in cash to more advanced and faster technology such as internet banking and paying through debit or credit cards.

E-Wallet app development is getting popular in the online payment market and is increasingly being preferred for fast transactions.

The Market Research Future has presented a Global Forecast Report which estimates that the E-wallet market will grow at a CAGR of 15% and is expected to reach around $ 2100 billion by 2023.

This is an easier way to get rid of the waiting time to pay bills or transfer money than the traditional method.

The concept of eWallet and other payment apps carried out by technologies like NFC, blockchain, QR codes, etc.

What are the E-Wallet Payment Methods?

There are various powerful technologies or solutions which are implemented on these eWallet applications.  These solutions make the app more secure, easy, and reliable to users. The most common solutions used in eWallet Mobile Apps are:-

E-Wallet Mobile App


Near Field Communication or NFC is the best solution for convenient information sharing or transferring of funds. NFC allows you to transfer funds or share information by tapping the phone with the other devices. Nowadays almost every eWallet app is using NFC solutions for contactless payment.

QR Codes

QR code payment gateway is used for making payments with friends, family, or other people in a fast and reliable way. Users just have to scan the QR code of the receiver for making a successful transaction.

iBeacon & Bluetooth

iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) technology, which was launched by Apple with iOS 7 for iPhone and other Apple device users.  It is a creative and different way to provide user location-based information and services. Beacons are cheap and small transmitter devices that transmit the signal to the apple which are in its range.

Similarly, Bluetooth also identifies nearby devices and makes the transaction fast and secure. Almost every eWallet solution are use these emerging technologies.

Payment Apps

Payment Apps are the best eWallet solution suitable for business. These apps help the business dealer to partner with other dealers helping them to transfer cash easily and effectively. Users can transfer a huge amount of money with a safe and secure environment without the involvement of any third party.


This technology is used in most of the eWallet apps, they provide a highly secure and immutable environment. Government organizations are mostly use block-chain apps for transfer of huge money.

Features of an E-wallet Mobile App Development

User Panel Features

User Registration

First of all, like most apps across the niches, the users need to register by creating an account. For doing this he needs to use his mobile number and the email id. He will get a verification code and after entering this code, he will be able to register the account. A few eWallet apps also provide a well-articulated KYC (Know Your Customer) process to ensure safe money transfer.

Linking Bank Account

At the very next step, the User needs to link his bank account details with the eWallet app. From where you will be making transactions and other payments. Further, the User has to add the details of his card like CVV number and expiry date.

Add Money into your Account

Users have the option of adding money to their wallets from the bank account. After adding that amount, it will be reflected in the wallet.

Transfer or Receive Money

eWallet app allows users to send or receive money to someone by either typing in the number of the recipient or scanning the QR code. You can optionally use NFC or beacon technology to send money. And, payment can be received similarly.

E-Wallet Passbook

For an eWallet app, providing a passbook showing all user transactions in a historical format is important to maintain transparency and ease of search.

Back to Bank Money Transfer

These days the E-wallet app is also offering an additional option, where the user can send money back to his bank account if he does not keep extra cash in the wallet.

Furthermore, each app has set a monthly limit for using the wallet. If that amount exceeds the limit, you cannot do more transactions. 

Bill Payment and Recharge

The E-wallet app facilitates you to pay your essential bills such as electricity, water tax, phone bills, and recharge your mobile phones or internet broadband connectivity in the most convenient way. 

Paying for Insurance

The app allows you to pay your insurance premium on time. You can also pay your income and sales tax with the help of an app.

Flight and Train Reservations

eWallet apps also help to book the flight, train & bus tickets, and more. While using eWallet apps you only need to provide the journey details and then follow the simple steps for making payment.

Order History

eWallet app provides all the details of various orders and transactions made using the app. From paying a bill to the ticket booking to making a shopping mall purchase with the eWallet, all transactions are shown in the order history.

Referring Friend

It works as a great promotional feature that helps an eWallet app to spread the word and become visible to a larger audience. This feature tries to motivate users by incentivizing the referring action from the user.

Multi-Language Support

Users can choose their preferred language according to them. Providing various language support apart from English and Hindi will help the user to use the app more easily and flexibly.

Admin Panel Features

Mobile App Development


Admin can view and manage the information of all the connected users, also he can keep a track of all the insights and stats of the app through the dashboard.

User Profile Management

eWallet app-admin also manages the user profile and all transactions carried through the eWallet on a day to day basis.

Real-Time Analytics

The admin needs to remain updated with real-time analytics to plan further strategy. This means he would know how many people are actively using the app and monitor the performance of the app at regular intervals.

Security enhancement

The eWallet app admin to maintain the trust and reliability of the app takes responsibility to enhance security settings and features. The app admin also evaluates the potential security lapses and maintenance of confidentiality.

Add/Block Users

Admin has the right to add or block any user according to his behavior and unauthorized payment processes. If the users are indulged in violating the app policy, then admin can block that users.

Additional Features of E-Wallet App 

Push Notification Messages

Push Notification messages are the feature to help your app stay continuously in touch with the users in relevant contexts. The feature will allow the app to send important notification messages to the customers with promotional offers, coupons, discounts, etc. Also this feature helps the user to remain informed whenever any amount is debited or credited through the app.

Geo Location

The geolocation feature helps in multiple ways. It helps the app to track the user location for making marketing offers based on proximity and Secondly, it helps to facilitate the transaction by connecting with the NFC terminal or similar payment processing systems.

Data Syncing

This feature in eWallet apps provides great help in terms of security. The feature allows syncing the app data synchronized with the account details of the user. Thus makes authentication and validation extremely easier.

In-App Camera

The in-app camera is a key feature of eWallet apps. This feature will allow users to scan the QR code easily. Also, users can transfer the transaction receipt to another user.

What is the Future of E-Wallet Apps?

E-wallet apps are increasingly becoming common tools for carrying all kinds of transactions. E-Wallet apps even made it extremely easier and speedier to make payments transactions online and offline. As the popularity of eWallet apps are growing the transaction volume is estimated to grow at a rapid pace.