May 28, 2020

Top 9 Custom Software Development Trends 2020

Technology grows continuously as we attempt to build improved solutions and products by constantly researching and innovating. In the digital period, software development trends constantly change beside fast changes and advances in technologies. The businesses of new software technologies like cross-platform app development, block chain development, machine learning, etc. are improving worldwide.

Growing software development trends help businesses keep pace with progress that is necessary in every sector. More companies today understand the importance of uniquely tailored software solutions that help improve their sustainability by staying ahead of competitors.

Software Development Trends in 2020

Cloud Computing

With the growth of cloud computing required to continue in 2020, Cloud services like Google, AWS, and Microsoft Azure are promoting more cloud computing processes. Many companies are embracing the hybrid and server less cloud architecture to lower the operational costs and to support different applications.

Cloud Computing
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA custom software development allows for standardization of processes for enhanced customer experiences , higher process quality , transparency, and scalability as it moves on work with automated processes with very limited human intervention. Software robot workers allow humans to focus on tasks which need higher creativity and ability.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality. It has seen enormous growth in recent years with the increasing market of smartphone applications. Mixed reality is being integrated into high scale web and mobile apps. It allowing the customers to interact with products and services.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a subset of machine learning. Businesses are using AI in software development to improve the performance of business tasks. AI-based software can think intelligently like humans. Artificial intelligence improved solutions, such as automated code generation and augmented analytics are being used by the companies to improve the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce development allows you to fully cover your customers’ journeys and create memorable experiences for them. The software is highly useful in converting internal business processes that can’t be addressed with regular CRM functionality. Our custom software developers can help turn your Salesforce into your workflow by enhancing your productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.

SAP Development 

This facilitates ERP based solutions, which benefit both company, and employees to achieve their goal. With custom cloud-based solutions for their custom particular demand irrespective of their business, products or services . SAP customization facilitates higher productivity , personalisation for employees and easy management of different departments within the company.

Internet Of  Things (IoT)

IoT allows faster and cost-effective processing of data. Edge computing is being used to provide better output by processing data at a network’s edge, and not at the heart of it. Data can be analyzed at a closer level while giving improvised security and privacy.

Internet Of  Things (IoT)

Block-chain after being popularly used in the Finance industry. Block-chain is also finding its way out in healthcare, media publishing, and many other sectors. As block-chain facilitates a secured network for carrying on transactions in decentralized record. It has made block-chain technology necessary for business in a variety of industrial domains.

Single Page Applications

For the recent trend in mobile apps, People aren’t looking for applications packed with many features instead choosing simple UI designs. Currently, single-page applications are becoming much more popular. It allows you to load a single HTML page, updates dynamically, and refreshes the information while the user is able to connect with the page itself.

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