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May 21, 2020

Why You Choose AngularJS for Web Development Project

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that's essentially used for simplifying the web development process. This is specifically why developers have started using this framework, as they will easily perform web and application tasks, by easy integration of varied HTML codes.

This development framework relates to the open-source world. Nowadays, it's practically unbelievable to circumvent the use of AngularJS development framework, as it helps to deal with a wide range of challenges that web developers face.

Reasons To Choose AngularJS for Web Development

Easy to use

Saving time and efforts of developers, AngularJS with its many properties helps them with their project while writing less code. This allows them more time to use in completing applications.

Supports MVC architecture

Angularjs supports MVC architecture for developing web applications. With this incorporation, it becomes easier to build web apps which in-turn save time and efforts of the developers. With Angularjs, it's possible to synchronize data efficiently and automatically with a small effort.

Angularjs framework helps developers to curate architecture applications, this is one of the reasons why AngularJs has become a highly demanded framework by web developers. Angularjs framework is full of huge features for effective front-end development and it is a framework that keeps on expanding and improving.

AngularJS for Web Development
User Interface

The framework relies on HTML to design the best user interface for web and application users. If you're trying to find how to make an astonishing user interface, AngularJS is your go-to solution capable of easily delivering this task. This allows the developer to develop lightweight, but user-friendly apps


To create regularly accessible patterns, the declarative coding paradigm is used. This makes the code easier to read, support, and lightweight. The code only includes those steps which are necessary for producing the desired outcome.

Two-way Data Binding

Two-way binding is an extraordinary feature of angularJs, meaning that any change in the application will have a direct impact on the user interface and the same would be the case with backend. With the framework, two-way data binding is easy to use because it can be performed with a few lines of codes.


Testing is an important part of software development in any niche. From the precise point of development of AngularJS, the people behind it had this thought in their minds. This makes development with AngularJS the proper approach, as developers can easily and quickly find errors and code defects, reducing the time needed to complete the project.

New Module Creation

AngularJS lets the developers generate many modules for a single application as modules are independent of each other, there is a possibility of combining them to run the entire application.

Angularjs is an intelligent framework that on its own recognizes when a new module should be created which can then be attached to the existing application modules.

Seamless Integration

AngularJS easily integrates with other libraries when it is completed for web development projects. When a developer uses many object-oriented MVC frameworks for server-side development, integration for AngularJS for client-side development becomes simpler.

Angular JS Framework

Popular Apps Built With AngularJS Framework

Many companies have used the AngularJS framework to develop their applications. The productive features of this framework create a user interface that is simple and highly responsive.

  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • The Guardian
  • Freelancer
  • iStock
  • JetBlue
  • Lego
  • Upwork

All the above reasons will help developers understand why AngularJS Web Development has gained popularity. With its great features and compatibility, it has become one of the most recommended frameworks for front-end development to build excellent web applications.