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Jul 20, 2020

How to Build a Dating App: Features and App Structure & Design

Finding love has been a never-ending mission for people. It is a miracle that even today, we are somehow focused on finding one genuine affection. In the world of the internet, various websites and applications are connecting people as per their interests, geographical location, and behavior-based matching.

Dating apps are more effective and take a place to connect with more users because of its meticulous logic and mathematical algorithm.

Key Features of Dating App Like Tinder 


Creating a profile using form and link verifying processes is now part of the past. Now, you need to create a quick sign-in feature with registration via Facebook or phone number or other social media.

Users Profile
Dating App

A user’s profile is a centralized area where we can fetch some basic information from their social media accounts itself to save their time but we need to provide them an option to upload their profile picture, their interest, age, taste, hobbies and like/dislike about themselves. By this approach, users can quickly start swiping other profiles in our application very quickly.

Search Filter

One of the most critical dating app features is that of search discovery. Meaning, the tinder app allows users to approve or disapprove certain people based on filters like location, age, gender, distance, preferences, etc.


This feature is allowed to identify one’s location. And with this feature, you’ll help your soulmate to agree on where to meet easily. Basically, geo-location will allow the user to find another user with a nearby location.


Modern technologies allow developers to integrate Smart AI Algorithm, by which we can match and fetch records of common interest of user’s profile like taste, age, location, and hobbies. With more precise info, we can search the best matching soulmate process faster and display data in a very much personalized way.

Dating App Development

Without chatting, feature dating can not be complete. We can offer a chat suit to our users, and this will definitely allow users to speak effortlessly. They can exchange snapshots, videos, GIFs, and various stickers too.


It is an effective and maximum useful feature in the dating app which must be required to display preferences with a single swipe. If the user doesn’t like any person they will swipe left and if they like quickly they can swipe right.


Most users are OK with default app settings, but not all of them. App setting option will allow our users to personalize their account settings as per their desires like they can change application font size, sound on/off, and background color.

Push Notification

Allow your users to check important notifications from the app. For instance, if they have a match with a person they like or received a message from their friend list. In such a situation, we must notify our users without wasting their time.

User Blocking Option

When you decide to develop a dating app like Tinder are far more personal when it comes to dealing with user issues. If a particular user chooses not to receive a message from another user, then they can block the users.  

Building an App Structure and Design

Develop Dating App
Choose a Unique Name

Name is the most important factor in the dating app startup, it should be short, conceive, and easy to remember forever.

Analyze your Target Audience

The USA geographical region has the majority of customers the same way you can decide your specific location, audience, and your user base to stand out differently among other competitors in the world.

UI/UX Design

The app design and color combination should be clean & eye-catchy, which should allow users to keep busy within the app. Hence, UI/UX is also one of the most important factors in dating app development.

Marketing Plan

Everything you’ve perfect like Name, Audience, UI/UX but if you don’t have the right marketing plan and sufficient budget with going to market plan then it may stop you from growing. Marketing plans and brand awareness play a vital role in the dating business industry. We can help you in all steps with overall structure. So we can promote it well and get the revenue out of it.