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Jun 18, 2020

How to Develop An Appointment Booking App?

The Internet has made our lives very easy. If we look at the on-demand app sector, then they have given a lot of conveniences. From online ordering food to carrying out bank transactions, there is essentially nothing that you can’t do in today's age and era. With a few clicks, you can get essential things delivered at your doorstep. It is safe to say that technological advancement has saved lots of time.

Today appointment booking apps are gaining popularity. Such apps help in making an appointment for various places just like the salon, hospital, driving school, etc. If you're thinking about online booking app development, then this guide will prove helpful. Let’s have a look at the different aspects that affect the development of the appointment booking app.

Technical Aspects of Appointment Booking App Development

Before you start working on booking design and development, it's important to understand about the technology stack and processes.

First, You need to choose the software or tools you are going to use for the development of each component of your app. There are multiple options available for you to count up. However, the most popular combination used for this purpose is often referred to as ‘LAMP’ which refers to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Apache is used for the development of web pages, MySQL handles the database and PHP functions because of the bridge for moving data between both of them.

The next step is to determine the database structure by creating a database diagram. In the case of graphical development interface, your database structure can be your diagram.

Depending on what your booking app is proposed, you need to create tables in the database diagram for those resources. In the case of complex booking apps, you've to build multiple tables for organizing the resources properly.

The main table to pull information from other tables, relate them to each other, and create the final booking database for referencing purposes.

Now comes the development of web pages (landing page) for an appointment booking app. A landing page is useful for people who are interested in booking an appointment. These pages will provide query and submission components also. The query page is for requesting information from the database, the request page will be for displaying the requested information, submission page for submitting information, and a verification page to display information is submitted.

After this, you are needed to perform the required functions of extracting information from the database and submitting it back to it via the middle bridge language that you’ve chosen such as PHP.

The final step is the testing phase. In this phase, You need to properly test your database, web pages, and middle ware with multiple options, then perform the required changes necessitated and expand the database if need be felt.

Features of Online Appointment Booking App

Appointment Booking App

Integrated Calendar

The appointment booking app should have a flexible calendar along with side customization options. This is useful for the users to manage a record of their schedule and availability.

Integration of Google Map

The users greatly depend on the Google map for finding directions. If your app will have this feature, then they will get the route and destinations without any hassle.

Smart Search Option

This feature makes an app more valuable because it gives suggestions to the users based on their search history and nearby availability.

Real-time Booking Facility

With this feature, the users can book their appointments as per their convenience. The users will no longer have to do a manual registration which saves their sufficient time.

Storage of Payment Method Details

It is quite frustrating for users to enter their debit/credit card details again and again. Therefore, your app should provide a secure payment storage method.

24*7 Online Support

For the success of an app, it's important to make your customers satisfied with your service. To achieve this, you have to give 24/7 support via chat and call.

Ratings & Reviews

The reviews and ratings are important for influencing people to choose your service over others. This helps you to decide things faster.

Benefits of Appointment Booking App

The businesses can attain maximum benefits if opted for the right online booking system. 

24*7 Appointment Booking

With an online appointment booking app, the user can book their slot in the least hours. This can be profitable for business expansion. As per the survey, 30% of customers book their appointments after business hours. They reserve their slot as per their convenience, so it becomes important to the 24/7 booking facility. This is good in terms of increasing the sales performance of the business.

Seamless Booking Experience

The traditional method for appointments booking is quite discouraging and involves a series of steps. You don’t have to go with the traditional method of booking. The whole process is time-consuming and makes way for human error. An appointment booking app is beneficial in resolving this problem as they can fill up their details online which avoids any chances of errors.

Improved Online Visibility

Today, a strong online presence of a business can work wonders in this tech-savvy world. You can bring potential customers towards your storefront with enhanced online visibility. Luckily, achieving this is easy if you have the right online appointment booking app. Hire app developer who can develop a useful booking application for your business