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Jul 15, 2020

How Will Android 11 Features Impact on Mobile Application?

Android is one of the widely used Operating systems. It has become a common platform for developers. Various mobile applications are created for Android specifically. Recently Google launched the preview of Android 11. With every update, Google is constantly improving and adding new features. Android 10 was a success. It changed the application’s permission front and introduced the dark mode. With Android 11 launch, more features and updates are expected.

The complete build of Android 11 has not been revealed yet, but we do have a preview of what the features would likely be. With every update, developers get more options to add unique features and develop mobile applications. This release can prove to be a game-changer for mobile applications. 

Android 11 Features

Android 11
Improvements in Messaging

Android 11 beta has lots of improvement in messaging.  Similar to Facebook, the Android  11 beta has an open chat head on the screen.  The messages will be hidden inside the little chat bubble and it can be moved all over the screen, tapped for open and the notification will be viewed based on user settings.   The Chat bubble API is available for any texting application in Android 11.  This featured UI allows access to all the applications like Hangouts, Native Screen Recorder Whatsapp, etc for chatting via chat bubbles. 

Native Screen Recorder

This is one of the latest Android update features that was expected in Android 10 Features. Native screen recorder is finally introduced in the latest Android version, we won’t have to depend on third-party apps. You can find this feature in the quick settings option.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is one of the main things for Android developers. In every version, they never forget to add security and increase transparency and control.

With Android 11, Google has increased the security measures for your mobile. The updated emphasis to provide you with more privacy and safety, regarding your data and information.

Scheduled Dark Mode
Dark Mode

The scheduled dark mode is hands down one of the best Android 11 new features. The Android 9 version got us all excited about the dark mode with its glimpses of the same and Android 10 polished the dark mode.

Now, with Android 11 you can schedule when you want the dark mode on in your Android device. You can schedule it for either sunrise or sunset or even set a custom time of your preference. We think now you will agree that this is one of the best Android features.

Hide Silent Notifications

People choose to silent notifications from a lot of applications to focus on their work or for any other reason. But those notifications still take up space in the status bar.

One of the Android 11 features is that you can make sure it doesn’t take up space. Just head over to the notifications option in settings and select the option to hide silent notifications. The silent notifications will still be present in the notification shade but you will definitely have some space in the status bar.

One Time Permission

One of the Android 11 features is increasing the focus on privacy with a one-time permission option. One-time permission means you can allow access to the microphone, location, or camera for once and as soon as you quit the app, permission will be revoked.

Select the “only this time” option and whatever permissions you have granted to the application will be available only once.

Impact of Android 11 on Mobile Application

  • Discouraged Repeated requests for a single app in Android 11.
  • App usage status will be private
  • Neural networks and machine learning support helps Android 11 to work seamlessly.
  • Easy to schedule dark mode
  • In- build screen recording is the main feature

There are lots of hidden features to expect such as better support for fold-able phones, 5G integration, pinhole displays, scoped storage, improved security, and privacy, etc.