May 29, 2020

Android 10 Update: Most Useful Android 10 Features

Android 10 is to focus on making everyday life easier with new technologies. The purpose is to make life easier with features that are powered by on-device machine learning. Android 10 provides greater protection, control over the data, and transparency with more changes related to privacy and security.

Not all Android smartphones will receive the Android 10 update especially devices that are in the budget category. For mid-range smartphones that are two years or newer, there is still a chance. 

For those who will have their update soon or if you already have the update but have not explored, here are the most useful features everybody should be using.

Smart Reply to Messages

Android 10 - Smart Reply to Messages

This is one of Google’s best features so far. The Smart reply predicts the best reply to a message received on any messaging app.

Whenever there is a message notification on Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, Telegram, or WhatsApp, the smart reply opens up on the notification bar and allows for short quick replies. This feature is excellent for users who are in a meeting or public transportation.

Personal Wi-Fi QR codes

Android 10 added a new WiFi feature. It enables users to generate a QR code for their Wi-Fi network. It also allows users to connect to a Wi-Fi network through QR codes. This feature is available for private networks with a lot of incoming visitors. They can easily connect to the network without typing a password.

Dark mode

Android 10 - Dark Mode

The Dark mode which means users are now allowing the dark theme for the entire phone or some of the particular selected apps. The major benefit of the dark mode is on your phone's longer battery as well as on human’s eyes too. Activating the dark mode takes two simple steps. Just open the Display settings then toggle the Dark mode settings.

Gesture Navigation

With the new gesture navigation, take advantage of larger, edge-to-edge screens. The swipe options help to go backward, fluidly move between tasks and pull up the home screen. Once you switch you won’t want to go back to visible buttons.

There will be different methods in activating Gesture navigation depending on the mobile brand.

Improved notification controls

With Android 10, the notification bar now offers the option to “Alert” or “Silent” an app notification. When choosing alert, the app continues to make a sound like a regular notification. The silent, as the name implies, disable sound or vibration.

Undo app removal

This little feature gives the user a little bit more time to undo accidental removes an app from the home. If the remove app option gets activated, there will be an undo app changes option at the bottom of the screen.

Live captions

Live Caption

The Live Captions feature gives deaf and people with impaired hearing an easier way to navigate the smartphone. This feature allows Google Assistant to process speech with no delay. It serves as on-the-spot captions for everything inside the smartphone.

The great thing with this feature is it does not need mobile data to work. Everything happens offline, which makes it easier to use during emergencies. The feature is accessible through the accessibility settings.

Improved privacy settings

The Android 10 brings a dedicated privacy option on the settings menu. It has improved permissions for location, camera, files, contacts, and other private concerns.

Now, while using maps or anything related to location, you can select only share location data with apps. Users will also receive reminders if they are not actively using the app or not obtaining the location. This means that users can choose either to share the location or not.

Focus mode

This new feature helps users whose main business or work requires the usage of smartphones. The new Focus mode is part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing suite.

When activated, the Focus mode disables notifications from apps that the system detects as a disturbance while working. Another feature added to the Digital Well being suite is the familial controls. This allows parents to monitor their child’s activities or prevent them from doing certain tasks.