If you are a non-technical person or someone who is just starting to build a career in software, wouldn’t you be scratching your head each time before taking up any project?

There are hundreds of programming languages out there. But which one will suit your project?

Before you choose one, you have to work upon a few questions. To name a few are:

  • What type of project are you working on?

  • What is the development time allotted?

  • What is the security of the application processes?

  • What is the development budget

  • What is the scalability of the project?

  • What are the available resources?

Is there any specific requirement for the infrastructure?

Before you settle on the desired programming language, consider the type of application, maintainability, targeted platform, security, performance, community support and much more.

Here is a list of the best programming languages in 2020 that can help you decide faster.

The Best Programming Languages in 2020

To make your search a little easier, let us look at some of the widely used programming languages in 2020.

Programming Language #1: Python

Python is a broadly used and significant-level programming language. It can be utilized for creating GUI applications, web applications, websites, etc.

Moreover, Python lets you focus on the most integral part of the regular programming undertakings as it is an advanced level programming language. This language makes use of basic syntax rules. That means it helps you have viable and readable applications with simpler code.

Along with these, there are innumerable reasons to lean toward Python.

  • Python’s syntax rules allow an individual to express concepts without writing any additional code. Despite other programming languages, Python focuses on code readability. So one can use Python for custom mobile app development.

  • Python, being an open-source programming language, helps in cutting down software development costs considerably.

  • It enables the website development company to develop websites with an array of frameworks. Django, Flask, etc., are amongst the popular frameworks written in Python. Thus, this language helps in stable and faster coding.

Consequently, it is easier to implement Python and its applications in any project that does not require any extraneous coding.

Some of the most popular apps that use Python on backend are Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Reddit, etc.

Django is one of the high-level web frameworks that Python offers. That is why, most of the website development companies prefer this web framework. It is developed by experienced developers. Thus, it ensures a hassle-free Web Development process.

Some of the amazing features of this free and open source high-level web frameworks are:

  • It is very fast. Thus, it enables all the developers to complete the entire journey of development in no time.

  • Django prioritizes security and assists the developers to avoid common security errors.

  • Django is extremely compatible. Users these days access web applications on different platforms and devices. It supports all major OS such as MacOS, Linux, and Microsoft.

Programming Language #2: Swift

In 2014, Apple introduced Swift to the whole world. It was mainly used for Mac and Linux applications. Swift is an open-source language for programmers that is not much difficult to learn.

If your project needs less coding as compared to other programming languages, Swift is the one for you. Usually, it is utilized with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix.

Swift has so far settled itself as an essential programming language in iOS App advancement. As an accumulated and powerful language, Swift is receiving wide acceptance in different spaces too.

The objective of this programming language tool is to make the best accessible language for usage, ranging from frameworks programming to mobile, desktop applications, etc. Above all, it is intended to make complex programs more straightforward for the designer.

It incorporates features that make codes simpler to read and write while giving the designer the control required in a simple systems programming language. It also supports keeping code cleaner. Thus, you ought to make fewer mistakes in maintaining the position of the headers and giving appropriate namespaces to your project. Memory is automatically managed, and programmers don’t have to type semi-colons.

LinkedIn, Hipmunk, Accenture, etc. uses Swift for developing their websites.

Programming Language #3: Kotlin

Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin has driven the attention of the developers. It is a programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Any virtual place that uses Java can make use of Kotlin. Most of the android development companies implement this programming language. JetBrains is, right now, attempting to carry Kotlin to implanted frameworks and iOS. As a result, it will conceivably be a one-stop language for all application zones in your piece of work.

Kotlin is famous among engineers because of its unique features. Being known as a clean language, its objective is expressly not to present new ideas, yet to unite programming language features that have to end up being valuable for projects on a large scale.

Here are some noteworthy features of Kotlin.

  • Less code is significant. However, one has to think about improved readability each time. With Kotlin, you get them both.

  • Kotlin solves difficulties looked by developers. For example, the type system lets you dodge invalid pointer exemptions.

  • Kotlin programming language can be easily used with Java for any inline exercise. The designers can approach their Java structures and libraries while composing precise and compact code.

Some of the apps developed using Kotlin are PlanGrid, CashApp, Space by Jetbrains, etc.

Programming Language #4: Flutter

Flutter is an open-source user interface programming development kit made by Google. It usually is written in C, C++, and Dart and used by android development companies for developing android applications on Linux, Mac, Google Fuchsia and the web.

In addition, it offers a fast method to make stunning web and mobile applications for operational frameworks, and personal computers, from a single codebase. That means you can make two diverse applications by utilizing one programming language in your assignment.

Flutter comprises of two significant parts:

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – It is an assortment of instruments that will assist you with the advancement of applications. It incorporates tools to assemble your code into a local native machine code.

  • UI Library – It contains reusable UI essentials such as text information sources, buttons and sliders that you can customize as per your requirements.

KlasterMe, in10, Reflectly, Watermaniac, etc. are some of the apps that are developed using Flutter.

Programming Language #5: Go

Go is also an open-source programming language. It is statically composed and creates assembled machine code binaries. You will hear many developers state that the syntax of Google’s Go is the C of the twenty-first century. Notwithstanding, this new programming language incorporates some strong tooling that permits you to utilize memory securely, oversee objects, gather trash, and give static (or severe) composing, all at once.

Go was launched in 2009, all thanks to Google’s Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson. The fundamental objective behind making Go was to consolidate the best highlights of other programming dialects.

A few of them are:

  • Usability along with the best in class profitability

  • Significant level proficiency alongside static composition

  • Advanced execution for network

  • Full utilization of multi-core power

Some features of Go are:

  • Applications made in Go can be incorporated with native machine code. That means your piece of work does not require any translator or virtual machine. So, mobile app developers can develop an app in less time and a limited budget.

  • Go is a truly universal language, ready to tackle plenty of issues. You can utilize it for framework and organization programming courses, extensive information, AI, sound and video altering. All this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Applications based on Go are less-demanding with regard to system requirements. Thus, it is useful for clients with an older version of phones. Because they can make the most of your application as well. That is to say, with more individuals utilizing your application, you’ll be earning more.

Some of the most popular apps developed using Go are Monzo, Allegro, SoundCloud, etc.

Programming Language #6: Laravel

Laravel is an open-source PHP system. It is vigorous and very compatible with the users. That is to say, it accompanies a model-view-controller design structure.

Laravel reuses the current segments of various formats to help developers build web applications. The web application, subsequently planned, is more organized and business-like. Many web development services often prefer this language.

Laravel includes a wide range of functionalities with fundamental highlights of a variety of PHP structures such as programming dialects, namely Ruby on Rails or Yii, and CodeIgniter. Laravel has the potential to support any level of web advancement speed.

Laravel will save a lot of time if you intend to build a project in which your site needs no preparation. Also, a site worked with Laravel is secure and anticipates web attacks. That is one of the reasons why most website development companies use Laravel.

Websites such as Laracasts.com, Alison.com, Barchart.com, etc are developed using Laravel.

Programming Language #7: React JS

React JS is a JavaScript library utilized in website development for building attractive user interfaces. A friendly UI helps in better navigation of the users on the app.

Earlier, designers used to get stuck developing UIs. They had to work either with jQuery, which was not-so-dedicated React archetypes or Vanilla JavaScript. That means you are saved from making many mistakes, avoiding bugs and reducing improvement times. Thus, in 2011, Facebook engineer Jordan Walke made React JS explicitly to improve the UI.

Web application development companies usually opt for Laravel in many of their projects because of their amazing characteristics.

  • The web application turns out to be more adaptable, inferable with the Laravel system.

  • Significant time is spared in planning the web application since Laravel reuses the parts from another system in creating the app.

  • It incorporates namespaces and interfaces. With this, it assists in sorting out and overseeing resources.

Adroll, Dropbox, BBC, Atlassian, etc use React Js.


While choosing the Best Programming Language for your project development, you can discuss with us your requirements. We can help you with an appropriate time frame and budget that will suit your project. Moreover, we will share with you the best programming language that is in demand and can provide greater flexibility, accessibility, and match your budget. For fast prototyping, you can prefer Python Django. You can opt for Flutter if your project involves native apps on both iOS and Android.

Here is a quick look at the future of a few programming languages.

Programming, undoubtedly, is becoming popular as everyone is moving towards digitization. With so many languages at your service, you ought to have a very informative and interesting developer who can walk you through the whole process. If you are still confused about which programming language can lead you to have the best experience, contact us. We, at IBLInfotech, can assist you in selecting the right one for your project.

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