Web tools refer to a web interface that helps you add content to your website with minimalistic technical knowledge. They enable the web developers for testing & debugging the codes. They are different as they do not help in direct web page creation. On the contrary, these tools help test the UI or UX of any web application or website.

To add to that context, web tools are browser add-ons. A few of them are also the built-in features of web browsers. And, they help in seamless cross platform mobile app development. These tools allow developers to work in various web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, etc.

Benefits of Web Tools

Many of the website development companies use web tools widely because they are hassle-free and fast. Moreover, web tools are similar to web applications. Perhaps they have a simple and easy-to-use interface to enable and maintain published and administrative data.

They also help in:

  • providing access for creating and modifying the content across the websites.

  • Holding the record and archiving web content. The content can include text, images, audio, videos, etc.

But which are these tools that can save so much of our time and bring the best out of our efforts?

Web Design:

Each one of the website designers need a tool to work on their creative side. Here is a list of the best web design tools that you can use in your projects.

InVision Studio enables designing, prototyping, and animation, all in one place. It is a desktop application that brings screen designing tools to the InVision ecosystem.

The InVision Studio is a part of the InVision suite of tools. It also includes the InVision cloud, enabling you to connect, store, and share the complete design workflow.

This famous web tool enables the designers to ideate, collaborate, and validate with just a single subscription. With that said, it lets the web and app developers create advanced & vector-based screen designs. Consequently, it is among the best high-fidelity prototyping tools.

The InVision studio speeds up your workflow. Also, it helps in creating engaging and interactive prototypes. Plus, it enables better communication of designs with the team and clients.

Here’s the list of some of its noteworthy features

  • Enables resizing and cropping of images without masks

  • Helps in creating responsive prototypes without writing any code

  • Offers desktop and devices preview

  • Creates swipe triggers for parallax animations

  • Helps in Vector editing

  • Allows advanced animations

  • Supports in team collaboration

  • Facilitates linking several artboards into one animation.

Figma is an interface design application that runs on the browser. It is considered to be one of the best applications for team-based collaboration projects that involves more design.

This strategic web tool provides you with everything you will need for the designing phase of the project. That means, it includes vector tools that can assist with full-fledged illustrations, prototyping abilities, and code generation.

Although Figma is browser-based, you can find its Windows and Mac OS desktop versions.

That is to say, whether it is used as a browser-based or a web-based tool, there is no requirement to download, install, and update it.

Moreover, there is no need to save and organize the files. The work done is automatically saved on a shared space in the cloud. That is why it has become a preferred tool for the website development companies.

Some of the fantastic features of Figma that cannot be missed are:

  • Prototyping

  • Built-in commenting: Anyone with the URL can add comments on the design.

  • Control of version: It includes the history of all collaborators.

  • Hand-off of website and app developers

  • Team Libraries: It helps in sharing and updating collections of components across projects.

  • Multiple Collaboration: Allows multiple people to collaborate in real-time.

  • The versatility of being customized.

Sketch is a completely vector-put-together concerning UI design tool. It is mostly preferred by various website development companies.

Sketch is the ultimate tool for iOS, Android, and Web platforms. It works awesome for iOS application development. It is principally utilized for UI and web experience design of websites and mobile applications, but excludes print plan features.

Sketch has lately included highlights for prototyping and collaboration. It’s convenient to use and costs a small amount. You do not have to be a full-proof designer to learn Sketch. Moreover, it’s ideal for designing on numerous devices.

As soon as you open it, you are welcomed with an interminable canvas. It is very similar to native Mac applications. The comfortable UI with a Toolbar, Navigator, and Inspector, all of it. That allows new clients to discover this rekindle simple designs.

UXPin is one of the most comprehensive UX suites that can help each UI and UX designer & developer extensively. It is created by the UI & UX designers and developers. It involves numerous UI components that can be moved onto a canvas for designing an interface. Since every element exists as a different element, you can apply numerous events and state changes. And, you can repeat the same set of objects across various canvases.

New features/highlights are consistently added to the program. UXPin shares the best highlights of Solidify–live and InVision. Along with that, it includes sharing of screen and backing like Sketch. Using Photoshop documents is the latest addition.

Some of the most amazing features of UXPin are:

  • Extensive library of UI components and UX designs

  • Responsive reviews

  • Supports remarking and explanation

  • Version control

  • Photoshop and Sketch imports (with Pro record)

  • Live screen imparting (with Pro Plus record)

  • Templates for wireframes, personas, plan of action canvases, and different expectations

Project Management

Project Management makes directing & supervising projects straightforward and viable. Their tools can be applied to any project, despite the industry or field. Also, when utilized correctly for project management, they offer easy completion of work and reduce time and costs. On the off chance that you are working in a team with dispersing roles and tasks, the project management tools are a necessity for successful communication.

Let us have a look at some of the best Project Management Tools.

JIRA is a cross-stage platform and a bug tracking software. It is famous for its cutting-edge project management abilities and exciting features. JIRA is generally utilized across many Website Development Companies to offer various Web Development Services. Moreover, it is frequently the most recommended tool if you have stand-up calls daily.

With Jira, you can run your projects from start to finish with Scrum and Kanban work processes. Likewise, it has reports to assist you with picking up insights into how your group is performing.

ClickUp is one of those project management platforms that is centered on professional management of the task. It is built for teams of every size.

ClickUp’s completely adaptable highlights makes it an absolute necessity for agile teams. They can keep a track of everything. With that said, you get everything, right from design to development, all in one place. It includes 52 personalized features for every project, and some tools make you productive over time. Along with that, it also helps with the feature of assigning comments. The tool is free for up to 100MB, and later you need to pay $5 per user for each month.

Together with Web Development Services, Trello is used for arranging everything. It is the simplest project management tool and comprises boards, panels, and cards. Furthermore, it uses Kanban sheets, which makes it extraordinary for Agile.

Trello is excellent for envisioning the project tasks on a dashboard. It is easy for looking at and supervising short and quick assignments. From new businesses to Fortune 500 organizations, Trello is the most visual method for groups to team up on any project. Also, it helps in creating unlimited tasks, and organizing the lists on date or priority.

The primary thing you’ll see about Asana is its aesthetic look. It possesses a very intuitive UI.

Asana is extraordinary for a wide range of undertakings. It is especially significant with Web Development Services and particularly when utilizing its Github combination.

Asana offers coordinated effort with different components of the project management, such as document storing, and overseeing team projects without sending any emails. This tool helps in organizing your tasks, reviewing the milestones, and checking the team’s progress. It also helps in getting notified about updates on the project with the project dashboard for getting a quick overview.

Basecamp is one of the most favored tools for project management. It is famous for its cutting edge web-based media-like interface. The tool offers user chat, record sharing, documentation creation, daily agendas, and a simple schedule-all on one platform.

Basecamp is available at $99. Likewise, it offers a complimentary plan where up to 20 clients can work at 3 different projects sharing 1 GB space.

Monday is a cloud-based Work OS. Groups shape their work processes and projects, sans code, with a platform that adjusts to moving needs rapidly. It frees the teams from short manual work, and associates them in a communitarian workspace.

Backend Framework

The backend framework is also called the server-side web framework. It makes API protection, user authorization, flawless interaction with databases, etc. helpful and seamless for developers.

There are numerous alternatives accessible while picking up the best backend framework. Yet each backend system has its own ups and downs. There are additionally a couple of different factors you’ll need to look at before settling on an ultimate choice.

Let’s have a look at some of the Backend Frameworks.

Django is an open-source framework. This free tool is one of the most preferred choices for backend web development. It is broadly utilized for the fast improvement of APIs and high-end backend web applications. The tool is preferred by many of the web application development companies.

The Django structure keeps up the rapid advancement of backend web applications with next to no coding. This Python web improvement system demonstrates to be the most effective as it is probably the busiest application on the web.

The Laravel framework is notable for building vigorous backend web applications. It is stacked with web building parts and is supposed to be a completely featured backend web development framework. Yet, the Lumen system, a derivative of Laravel, has steadily picked up traction among designers everywhere in the world.

Lumen has a very simple and lightweight structure. It utilizes the Laravel base permitting designers to manufacture micro-services and high-performance APIs. When looked at, it is more effective than the Laravel system as it can deal with more demands.

Laravel Lumen is broadly favored by developers while composing backend web applications in PHP.

Ruby on Rails, or only Rails, is a unique and a strong approach to develop web applications. One of Rails’ center ideas is the MVC configuration design. It segregates the application into models, regulators, and views. This division improves adaptability, simplicity of support, and reusability. It is just the speed that Rails is not good at. It isn’t the quickest framework around; however, it’s fast enough for most cases.

Backend developers utilize a type of JavaScript called Node.js for backend work. The framework permits the developer to deal with data updates from the front end.

Moreover, it builds network applications that are scalable and ready to handle numerous concurrent client demands. It is a straightforward environment to work servers rapidly.

ASP.NET is created by Microsoft. It is an open-source web framework for building present-day web applications and services with .NET.

It is a cross platform and runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker.SP.

.NET expands the spectrum with devices and libraries explicitly for building web applications. Most of the web application development companies rely on this backend framework.

Frontend Framework

A frontend system refers to a framework for building your application’s front end. It typically incorporates some approach to structure your records (for instance, through segments or a CSS preprocessor). Moreover, it helps to make AJAX demands, style your elements, and connect information with DOM components.

Frontend advancement is an ever-evolving climate, with new instruments showing up day by day, making it challenging to recognize and select any one of them.

Here are some of the most familiar Frontend Frameworks.

AngularJS is a modest structure for dynamic web applications. It enables the developer to use HTML as the layout language. In addition, it lets you concisely stretch out HTML’s syntax to communicate sections of your application. The data binding and dependency of AngularJS bestows with a significant portion of the code which you might have to work on.

ReactJS is a JavaScript library utilized in the web development process for building interactive components on the websites. React is a JavaScript library which is specific about helping the developers in building UIs.

Vue.JS is an open-source and a progressive JavaScript structure. It is used for building UIs and single-page applications. It is ordinarily referred to as Vue.

The framework explores “high decoupling”, permitting developers for easy development of the UIs.

Source Management Tool

Source Code Management (SCM) refers to a tool utilized by software programmers to deal with the source codes. SCMs are being used to give revisions or versions to the program.

Some of the commonly used Source Code Management Tool are as follows:

GitHub is one of the hosting sites where programmers & developers can transfer the code they make and work cooperatively to improve.

A characterizing highlight of GitHub is its robust form of control framework. The variant control lets coders change programming conceivably fixing bugs or enhancing effectiveness without influencing the software. Proposed changes can be effectively combined into live programming after the proposition is audited and affirmed.

GitLab is an online Git vault that gives free open and private stores, issue-following abilities, and wikis. It is an absolute DevOps platform that empowers experts to play out all the assignments in a project. It starts from planning of project to source code management. Moreover, it permits groups for collaborating and developing better programming.

Text Editors/ IDEs

Text Editors/ IDEs are applications for composing code. These applications are the basic fundamentals that most of the developers work on creating their programs.

Some of the most common Text Editors/ IDEs are:

Microsoft develops Visual Studio Code for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is a free source-code editor. Some of the noteworthy features include debugging, highlighting syntax, smart code finishing, bits, code refactoring, Git embedded, and snippets.

Atom is a free and open-source text and a source code editor. It is used on macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows.

This tool is embedded with Git Control and created by GitHub. In addition, it is developed using web technologies and perfectly works as a desktop application.

Sublime is a shareware cross-platform source code editor. It has a Python application programming interface. The tool is favored with many native programming languages. The users can include the functions with plugins. It is kept up under free-programming licenses.

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the most remarkable and well known Integrated Development Environments (IDE) for Java. It is created and run by JetBrains.

The tool is famous for its rich IDE. With that, it empowers faster development and improves the code quality.


The salient features and convenience have made these tools very reliable yet professional.

We always look for the best tools & resources that help us work smartly & efficiently. Although there are plenty of tool options available in the market, go for the ones that suit your requirements and work best for you.

If you have any doubt in choosing any of these software or want to make use of these web tools, then IBL is ready to offer you with the best web development services. Help us with your requirements and we will come up with the best possible solution.

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